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We at eBoxingHandles, Inc. are sports enthusiasts. We have been doing sports all our lives and strive to encourage active lifestyles. The principal of our company, the inventor of the eBoxingHandles product, István Magyar, has been practicing a range of martial arts since youth. He invented the eBoxingHandles for two main reasons. First, and most importantly, once István was no longer working with an instructor, he started missing the challenge of the diversified punching combinations of his old training sessions. This is when he realized he wanted to develop an easy-to-use device that could mimic those sessions in intensity and track his progress — a device that could be employed anywhere and anytime to provide real, extensive training in punching combinations for any user, regardless of his/her fitness and skill level. Second, István wanted to spread the world of martial arts to a wider public. This meant, he needed to accommodate his users by getting into their homes and on theirs schedules — not the other way around. He’s a firm believer that martial arts training works the body but also teaches valuable life lessons about the importance of hard work, determination, respect, and so many more disciplines that form the basis of happy, successful living.

We wish you great training and quick progress with the eBoxingHandles! Good health to all!